View Full Version : Dhea and gaba?

03-22-2012, 07:58 PM
(Also posted in the main Supp section, but though I'd hopefully find some girls in here who have taken it, instead of getting feedback from guys.)

I'm taking both right now and I want to know if anyone else has taken either before. I'm not really sure how they are working. I started with 25mg/daily of DHEA and a nightly 2g dose of GABA and for some reason felt extremely weak/hungry for the first week. I got off the DHEA and started taking GABA preworkout and i felt better but then felt like i was gaining weight. Got back on the DHEA now for 50mg/daily and 2 g GABA pre workout and 2g before bed and now i strangely feel a lot better. My gains have been staggering though so im not sure how they are helping that. Some days ill jump up 20+ lbs in lifts feeling amazing, then some days ill stay the same/lift less than usual. Same with my body composition, I feel leaner some days than others but i guess thats just normal. My appetite is now pretty regulated, my birthday was yesterday and the cake didnt appeal to me to much, opposed to when i first started taking both my appetite was THROUGH THE ROOF!
BTW I'm a girl,19 years old, 5' 105lbs.
Any pointers from people who have taken either or know about them or questions from those who havent and may be looking into it?