View Full Version : Girlfriend needs help

03-21-2012, 01:50 PM

My girlfriend wants to lose some body fat while putting on some LBM, seems easy enough since I have experience doing this. But here's the problem, when she was younger and still to some degree now she has an eating disorder and body image issues. She's 22 4'11" and 125lbs, but by no means is she fat even though she believes she is. She wants to lose the weight because she feels it will help her overcome her body image issues and help her mentally all around.

I suggested low-carb since it did wonders with me, but she says that she will either lose and end up starving herself, or be miserable the whole time and hate herself more, neither of these are a good outcome. She said she tried low-carb in the past but ended up having a breakdown over not being able to have sweets.

So, what do I do in this situation? I want her to be happy with herself and am willing to do anything to help her achieve her goals, she already lifts with me 3x a week. I try to tell her she's not fat, she's beautiful but it doesn't help the way she sees herself.

Any help or suggestions are welcome, thanks for your time.

03-21-2012, 04:02 PM
newsflash: eating disorders are psychological issues, so no, losing fat will not help her distortion. you sound really supportive, which is great, but i think she needs more than you can offer. and def no low carb or anything that limits or eliminates anything.