View Full Version : Protein needs for 30 yo female, 5'4", 107 lbs

03-13-2012, 07:52 PM
My wife's been doing a beginning weight program for awhile now, and is semi-pleased with the thoughts of feeling healthier and making progress, but we're both aware she needs to up her protein intake to start making significant gains.

I know the general guidelines for males and how much protein they should have per lb. of LBM (dependent on activity level, purpose, etc.). Do the same lb. / LBM numbers apply to females, or is there a different general guideline we should start with and go from there?

Alternatively, I would greatly appreciate any specific numbers or ranges applicable to her situation:

* 5'4", 107 lbs. Thin, obviously.
* Athletic ability is fairly low. Very low is probably more accurate. Can't lift much yet, and can't run very fast or far.
* But as is the case with some thin females, just from looking at her, most would think she "looks athletic."
* Bathroom body fat % scale says approximately 20% for her. I know the scale underestimates my % by about 5%, but she's such a different extreme from me that I doubt I can apply the same adjustment.
* Full-body weight lifting routine for approximately 1.5 years
* Has been making a mild effort to eat healthier and get more protein, but "mild effort" --> still far too high % carbs.

03-13-2012, 08:00 PM
Read the sticky in the nutrition section, and also the one that says something like "Men - read this first."