View Full Version : AeroPlane JellyLITE Good or bad?

03-04-2012, 08:00 PM
Hey guys, im into 3 weeks on my cut! and i need some sweetness in my life just to munch on before bed because my sweet tooth gets really bad! I was wondering through the aisles and i decided to have a look at the contents of Lite jelly! now before i start im not getting full cut like some thing like 6%, I'm more like heading around 8-9% before i start a bulk.

Ingedients are: gelatine(Beef origin,) acidity regulators (297, 330), sweetenerss (952, 955,950) colours (102,129). contains sulphites.

Calories per 100g 5 cal, sodium 21.0mg, protein 1.2g

I heard on the news that fake surgar puts on weight, and i just want a second input... will this affect me to much?