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03-03-2012, 04:11 PM
Finally deciding to start my own journal. I've never done one like this before, kinda excited. Anyways.....

a little bit about me;

I live in Massachusetts and its an awesome state. Been all over the world through the Navy, and still came back to live here. Although I will admit its expensive as hell to live here, especially when renting.. Buying a house is within my sights in a few years.

Right now I'm a full time student, and a father of a beautiful 15 month-old girl. Majoring in Computer Science, and I'm going at it hard. Been obsessed with computers since I was a kid, maybe 5 or 6 and I've never stopped doing something or other with computers..although the last 10 years I haven't done too much stuff related to computers of what I'd like to do. Regardless, I'm pumped about being able to program again, and kinda got that feeling is what I'll be doing for a career.

Career...hmm..this word has been floating around in my mind a lot lately.....I'm 28 years old, and right now I'm a little confused on exactly how I should live the rest of my life. But yea, anyways...I'll rant on bout that later.

This is my personal journal so I'm writing to it about whatever is going on..anyone is welcome and all are invited to yap along about whatever.

As far as body building, I've had a remarkable transformation since last June, but actually last April is when I kicked myself in the backside and learned about nutrition. What an eye opener. So far, thanks to just that alone, I've been able to pack on some good lean mass, around 25lbs. I gained some fat but wasn't too concerned with it. Figured I'd just add some size for the first time in my life and see what happened..Right now I'm cutting as according to calculations (and they could be off mind you) I've got around 160lbs of lbm, so I'm attempting to get down to 12-14%; never been this low in my life.

I will post videos of my lifts often, and often they are PR's for me as I'm still progressing upwards in weight, maybe of me playing some guitar, and just whatever else I find interesting. I've been lifting for 9 years (since 2003 when I joined the Navy) but like I said, up until last June, I never had followed any regimens, so I spinned my wheels for years and years.

Aight guys, lift heavy