View Full Version : Pain in elbow joints

03-01-2012, 05:13 AM
First off - it's worse in the right elbow joint. I do alot of shoveling at work and I'm thinking I've acquired the right elbow pain through trying to force a shovel into a hard mixture. The shovel is bouncing back at me. Or it could be generally bad shoveling technique.

The problem is since I lift as well the injury can be worsened. I feel my right joint when I do squats. This doesn't sound too good to me. I don't feel it during bench press and nor do I feel it when deadlifting or military press. However, I had to miss my last two sets of power cleans because the elbow pain I was getting after the set was that bad. I've heard of elbow pain being a common complaint amongst noobs like myself but this is the first time I've really felt it.

Any suggestions?

I'm on SS btw.
It's also worth nothing that I do Krav Maga and I do many elbow strikes as part of the technique training for that. I don't feel any pain during that.