View Full Version : Intermittent Fasting! (IF) Critique my Schedule

02-26-2012, 05:35 PM
Alright, so I am looking to start an IF diet... Not going to go into detail about my calories and what foods I will eat exactly but want to ask a couple questions and make sure I have the right idea down. In terms of goals I am primarily worried about dropping some BF.

This would be my schedule:

5:45AM: Wake up, Take EC
6:00AM: 30 min Cardio (3 days a week)
7:30AM: Start Work
12:00PM: Lunch (25% of calories)
3:30PM: PreWorkout/Small meal(10-15% calories)
5:00PM: Lift
6:15PM: Protein Shake at gym
7:00PM: Feast like a King (remaining calories)
9:30PM: Bed

*I know you shouldn't take EC with Preworkout (Stimulant based), but I only take 1 dose of EC very early and then preworkout I only take a small dose anyways due to not wanting it to affect my ability to sleep at night. Does anyone still oppose this idea?

*I know carbs should be up on training days, but I stick with a 5 day (M-F) training routine.. Should I just look to keep carbs at a moderate level during the week and very low on weekends?

*Based on some different calculators I am thinking macros will look something like this (During the week): f/c/p 15/35/50.. Around a daily level of 2200 calories or so. (Macros aren't set in stone, will adjust according how my body reacts)

Current stats:

180 lbs
18% BF (estimate)

Occupation: Desk Job (50 hours/week on avg, more during month-end, less during non busy times)

*Weekends will look to cut calories down a little more and take carbs down, increase fat a little.

Fish Oil
Whey Protein
Jack3d (will switch this when current tub runs out)
BCAAs (pre-workout/during workout)

Overall, any advice/critiques/recommendations?
My measly reps for your help.