View Full Version : Questiong regarding cutting and bulking

02-22-2012, 05:10 AM
Right now i'm cutting to get those nice defined abs in time for summer but then i'll be bulking immediately after. My question is, if you keep doing cycles of cutting and bulking, won't you just be adding the same weight that you worked so hard to get rid of? I don't quite understand how people cut, gain mass and repeat without staying the same. Care to explain?

Also, when bulking I know it doesn't matter what you eat so long as you eat over your daily requirements; however, will eating healthier foods still be more beneficial? In terms of energy, and overall health? i.e. eating chinese take out vs lean chicken breast

02-22-2012, 05:17 AM
healthy foods = likely better health. though if you're asking if the difference in health between fitting a few fast food treats in your diet a week as opposed to zero is negligible, likely not. just don't go trying to make half, or more, of your diet come from junk if you're not wanting to feel like crap or want overall better health in the long run. but really, at our age, our bodies aren't going to be as quick to develop the health problems as someone in their 30s or higher lol.

as far as your first question goes, bulking is putting on muscle, cutting is removing the fat that you accumulated while building the muscle. the goal is to have more muscle at the end of your bulk than you started with, so that when you cut back to the same weight you were at BEFORE bulking, you're actually at a lower BF% and carrying more mass=hence that much closer to being jacked.