View Full Version : More Durable than Gymboss?

02-15-2012, 08:25 PM
Any suggestions for a small-smallish sized timer that is good for using for rest between sets?

I'm on my 3rd, yes THIRD, Gymboss. My latest one I just got recently and it just fell on the ground for maybe the FIRST time since me owning it, and the sound is less audible as a result... arggg.

Any good durable timers out there that aren't as susceptible to mechanical failure from falling like 2.5 feet?...

02-15-2012, 08:58 PM
i was completely happy with my ironman watch from target for 30 bucks until i recently lost it...i will probably replace it as soon as i get sick of saying internally "one mississipi, two mississipi..etc.".