View Full Version : Getting back into it--my nutrition log

02-12-2012, 03:12 PM
I was pretty active my first years of college/late in high school but I got so busy and just let myself go. Now I'm getting back into things. I'm 6'2" and 175 pounds and since I stopped working out as much I gained quite a bit of fat. I'm not fat by any means but have much more than I would like to have. I'm still in fairly decent shape but I've lost a good amount of muscle since then. My biggest things right now are to cut out the pizza (I deliver pizzas right now and get them free when I work so it's a bit more difficult for me when it's always right in front of me) and to stop drinking which I've been doing lately. The goal right now is to dump some of the body fat while maintaining the muscle I have for 1-2 months then start bulking back up to build muscle, but do it as clean as possible to minimize fat gain. The online calculator said I should be taking in around 2800 calories per day so I'm going to start with 2300 and adjust it as I need to once I see how it's going in a week. Once I lose a little body fat then I'll start the clean bulk (~3000-3200 per day I think?). My goal is to look better in 4 months as I'm going on a few vacations and would love to not look like I do now. I'll post pics and stuff when I have time. I will be working out 4 days/week and Max OT cardio the other 3 days. I'm only doing 3 because I'm not trying to overload the cardio and cut out too much muscle. I'll be starting it all off tomorrow and I'll post updated stats as it progresses.