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02-05-2012, 09:32 AM
Hi all, first time poster long time reader.

I just wanted some advice from the pros here, I will admit im a complete newbie on proper nutrition and I really need a push in the right direction. I compete in MMA, lift 4-5 times per week, mix that in with cardio sessions and training im very active and train very very hard. I got hurt badly in my last fight and was out for 2 months with no training or gym. Over the holiday season I was eating garbage and you all know what happens, haven't lost my abs completely bad im not in the shape I was. I can feel love handles slowing coming and my abs fading everyday. During training for my last fight I was 8-9% bodyfat and in great shape.

I have a fight coming up this may and im trying to get back to where I was and I really need all your help on my new nutrition plan. I was checking out a few different programs on this website and came across Sean Sarantos nutrition program and I was just wondering if anyone would recommend a diet like this for getting my leanest body ever, or would you all recommend the 20-39 fat loss diet program that is also posted on bodybuilding.com

Thank you to all who read this, im on my quest to my best body ever, and im very motivated to get on a nutrition program and stick with it. While the two programs I said above appeal to me a lot, it looks like foods I won't get sick of. Please can anyone recommend me on what to do? Do you have another nutrition program in mind?

Thank you so much for reading guys!

02-05-2012, 11:06 AM
Do not follow programmes on a website which makes money out of selling you useless supplements.

Read the stickies, calculate macros, and eat foods you enjoy.