View Full Version : Rumor: Schiano to raid Rutgers coaching staff (after Signing Day, of course)

02-03-2012, 09:28 AM
if true, what a screwjob. the 2012 recruits should be freed from their scholarships.

If the rumor is correct, it sounds like Schiano is gutting Rutgers of it's assistant coaches. There could be as many as 5-6 coaches that go to Tampa Bay. Rumored to be among them is Jeff Hafley, their best recruiter, Cignetti their OC, Fraser their DC (actually, Schiano was their real DC), Jay Butler their S&C coach and possibly Angelicho (TEs) and Galiano (DL coach). The only one that looks like a done deal right now is Fraser since Robb Smith (current ST coach) looks to get the nod at DC, but there is a TON of smoke to go along with this. Also, note that their best overall assistant coach, PJ Fleck, just accepted the OC job at NIU.

This would be a massive blow to the program. If it does happen, I feel bad for the kids that stayed loyal to the program... all those coaches that they trusted would be gone. They would basically be back at square one with all the NJ high schools for recruiting.

02-03-2012, 09:36 AM
he'll be out of the nfl in 3 years anyway

02-03-2012, 09:52 AM
bitch move