View Full Version : Slight pain, still workout?

02-01-2012, 06:53 AM
One thing I've always had a problem with is wondering about a pain I might get in my arms or shoulders after having gone a little more heavy the previous day. How do you know it's enough to just work through and keep lifting the next day and the other being smart enough to just take a days rest...I hate taking a days rest though because it throws off my whole workout schedule for the week...

02-01-2012, 07:51 AM
How do you know it's enough to just work through ...

Time under the bar. After you've been training consistently for a number of months, you should have developed the ability to be able to determine if the 'discomfort' you feel is DOMS or a potential injury.

Some very general advice: If you feel any pain (not talking about the normal 'burn' felt from repetitions) during the set, you may have injured yourself. If you feel muscle pain a day or two after your training session in the body part that was trained, it's probably DOMS.

The decision on whether or not to train through either of these scenarios is up to you. Again, generally, if it's DOMS, stay on your routine and do some additional systemic warmup (a few extra minutes on the treadmill, etc., before weight training), and then a few extra sets of your first and/or second weight lifting exercise for that day. By then, you should be warmed up and loose enough that the soreness has substantially subsided, and you can then train as usual.

If you think you may have injured yourself previously, approach warmups more carefully. If you feel any immediate pain in the affected area, stop what you're doing. Either take a day off to see if the injury will improve, or at least train around it, avoiding anything that caues any pain.

Again, this is general advice; I'm not a doc. Use some common sense and good judgement. Remember, it's better to rest one extra day than to have to stop training altogether for a couple of months.

02-01-2012, 08:58 AM
My rules of thumb: as stated above--if it is strictly muscle soreness, drive on. If you suspect joint/connective tissue pain that could become problematic--rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Why create an injury that could erase a year's worth of gains if it can be avoided--especially at our age.