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01-31-2012, 06:40 AM
Hey Gang
Has anybody else suffered from this?
I was benching the other day and it felt like my shoulder was going (something was not right) as I was racking the weight my elbow exploded.
I have felt pain before but I almost blacked out from this
The elbow then started to swell.
The guys at the gym drove me to the ER where xrays were taken (big old chip in there).
They told me that what they are thinking (Ortho doc as well) is that I tore the tricep tendon away from the elbow and took some bone with it.
I had an MRI done on Friday and should have results today
Might need surgury to reattach everything
I was told the best case is no surgury but no lifting for about 8 weeks.
That sucks.
On the positive side this fores me to get rid of the bird legs, do cardio, work on the abs so there are ways around this.
Of course this may change if I need to be cut and have a full cast on the arm.
Has anybody run into this issue?
What was your results and timeline?

I also hate the fact that I have never juiced (and it is fine if one chooses to - their choice) but every doc I have seen in the ERs and Ortho have asked if I am using.
I tell them that if you think I am THANKYOU, but noooo.
It has become a running joke with my bride and myself about how soon before they ask