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01-26-2012, 05:46 PM
Ok so over the past 4 months I have been doing of 1.5 hour weight training then 30 min running each day for 5 days a week, managed to lose about 20 pounds. But my strength increase was not the best, this is obviously because I was eating on a deficit and doing cardio. During that phase I ate about 2100-2200 calories with a maintenance around 2800 (5'11 176lb currently). Now I want to gain strength, but I really don't want to gain fat, so what my plan now is to keep the 5 day hard weight training with no cardio, then do cardio on the weekends.

My question is though that with a 2800 maintinence I only usually end up eating around 2500-2600 calories mostly because I am afraid of gaining fat, and also because I still have some flab on my lower stomach and sides. I guess I am torn between gaining strength/losing some more fat. If I eat just a few hundred below maintinence would I still be able to see any slow muscle gains? Or is it counterproductive to eat too close to your maintinance? Because people have said on this forum that eating at maintinance= no change at all. I find this hard to believe because I still tear my muscles up and they have to be rebuilt somehow?

01-26-2012, 05:57 PM
you should pick one or the other
just realize it is ok to gain fat trust me :)