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01-15-2012, 12:40 AM
Hi Guys,

I've been struggling to get into better shape. Im looking to get bigger and leaner. Im new to body building and would apprieciate any help or advice as im really not sure when, what or how much to eat. I have been getting alot of conflicting advice from "Pros" and im just looking for solid tips.

My diet goes like this:


2 eggs on soy and linsead toast
100 grams of low fat (NON TOASTED) muslie with skim milk


45 gram protien shake


150 grams of chicken, beef or kangaroo with 150 grams of brown rice


45 gram protien shake



150 grams chicken, beef or kangaroo with 150 grams steam veges.

For my workout I split it up over the week with 3 different sessions, session one is abs and legs, session two is chest, shoulders and triceps and session three is back and bisceps. The sessions usually go for a hour.

I also train in shotokan karate once a week for an hour and a half (im a green belt atm). I ad in cardio in the form of running when i can, usually twice a week 4 - 5 km run.

Im 21, 6"1, 83 kgs (82 on a good day), my waist is 32" and (according to the internet) my bfp is 12 % (dont know how accurate that is)

Like i said any help or advise would be good, im pretty new to all of this. Im in good shape, but i want to be in the BEST shape i can be.

ta, phi

01-15-2012, 01:20 AM
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