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11-17-2011, 01:33 PM
"Critics are assailing the new European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi — an ex-Goldman Sachs chief and a regular attendee at secretive Bilderberg meetings — as he continues to buy up more government bonds with newly created money. But Draghi is merely one important figure in what is being called a wide-ranging banker “coup d’etat” in the European Union, according to analysts."

"With Berlusconi out of the way, the new unelected regime of Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission leader Mario Monti seized power in what critics referred to as an undemocratic “coup d‘etat” orchestrated by the European Union and powerful banking interests. Monti is also a key Goldman Sachs figure with a long track record of promoting the EU, more “integration,” and the power of banks inside and outside of government.

As Monti rose to power, Draghi’s ECB quietly started buying up massive amounts of Italian debt that the market largely refused absorb. In addition to keeping bond yields in check, the central bank’s possibly illegal debt purchases served to build undeserved confidence in the new Italian regime."


Maybe the OWS folks can fight the Bilderbergers, for world supremacy!!! LOL!!

11-17-2011, 01:46 PM
There was no coup d'etat in Italy. The Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stepped down before time for elections. The President had a choice: either anticipate the elections or institute a temporary government. Because of the current Euro Zone crisis, urgent action needs to be taken by Italy, therefore the President went for the temporary government. He designated Mario Monti as head of that government, who then chose a number of ministers. Today he presented the list of ministers and his mission statement to the Senate for approval. The Senate will now have to vote confidence or no confidence.
So as you can see, there is absolutely nothing sinister going on, Monti was constitutionally appointed, he didn't seize anything.