View Full Version : TLR on David Letterman

10-31-2011, 10:19 PM
Explaining what happened with with Motte, Lynn, and Rzkfjlsspfojdsski in the W.S. .... pretty funny actually.

Overall, what he originally stated, admitted he B.S.'ed the **** out of it to keep media away....Apparently, he phone Rzckljsdflski and told them to get Motte up light. They thought he said Lynn. Calls in rackaskjski, noticed on the mound motte wasn't up, so he called to say get motte up. After the double, calls in Motte to walk the guy, Lynn shows up on the mound,so said he didnt want Lynn to hurt himself for his own mistake so he had in walk the dude.

Pujols on next and Freese on Jay Leno...pretty good tv brahs.