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10-27-2011, 01:17 AM
My cousin is looking to buy a new laptop and she was just thinking of buying this - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-13.3-320-GB-S3-951-6646-US/17641083 ... She asked my opinion for it and as I have no clue about the current laptop/pc market, I figured I'd get your opinions on it.

So how is it?
Is it worth the price?
Any other reccomendations within that price range? she didnt tell me her budget, but lets make it $900 and below.
(She's not a gamer)

Personally, from my limited experience and first impression .. The only thing that's attractive about that laptop is its size and portability ... But for the specs involved it seems like she's getting cheated out


Key Features and Benefits:
Intel Core i5-2467M processor

1.60GHz, 3MB L3 Cache

4GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory

Gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work

320GB SATA hard drive 20GB SSD drive

Store 213,000 photos, 91,000 songs or 168 hours of HD video and more

802.11 b/g/n Wireless Lan, Bluetooth® 4.0 HS

Enjoy wireless freedom to roam with integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and simplify your digital world eliminating cables with Bluetooth® wireless technology.

13.3" HD widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit display

Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 128MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.1

Additional Features:
Built-in 1.3 megapixel HD webcam
2-in-1 memory card reader
2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x headphone/microphone combo jack, 1 x VGA port, 1 x HDMI port
3-cell lithium-ion battery, up to 6 hours battery life


10-27-2011, 01:21 AM
pretty expensive for those specs

10-27-2011, 01:34 AM
thats ridiculous...$900 for a ****ty laptop...u can find better.

10-27-2011, 01:35 AM
You have any good suggestions for laptops within the 900 price range?

or maybe perhaps some baseline specs that I should be looking at?

edit - I'm guessing the reason why they jacked up the price is because of how thin the laptop is

10-27-2011, 01:36 AM
Yea dude... thats beyond stupid.. especially for that price....

Your better off telling your sis to wait til black friday.. and she can prolly get a sick deal on a laptop

10-27-2011, 01:42 AM
Here is a real nice Laptop for in your pricepoint...


10-27-2011, 01:54 AM
Thanks bros.

Here is a real nice Laptop for in your pricepoint...


Sweet! specs looks pretty good. I'll talk to her later and see how it goes.

But isnt Toshiba a kind of a crappy brand though? that's what I've been told lol ... I was always under the impression that Asus or HP were reliable and gave you good value for money?

10-27-2011, 02:02 AM
That may have been the old POV on them but with their Toshiba Satellite product that they dropped a couples years back.. have had nothing but a good track record.. I actually have a Toshiba Satellite myself that is approx 2 and half years old and still running strong... just read the reviews on that model...

But with every company you will get your good ones and bad ones... Idk if she is going to want to buy something from an online retail store, but definitely dont get one from walmart.. Go to a Best Buy or another Tech Store in your area...

10-27-2011, 02:02 AM
take kingbuddy's advice and talk her into waiting...srsly just a few more weeks and u'll be able to get a GREAT deal.

10-27-2011, 02:08 AM
^ LOL at the Toshiba laptop posted above

1. Its an outdated non-sandy bridge processor(way over a year old)
2. 15.6 display at only 720p(****)
3. 16 inch laptop and its bulky(OP's Acer is only 2.98lbs and 0.5' thick compared to the Toshiba's 5.48lbs and 1.10-1.49 thick)
4. Weak ram(4GB), weak videocard(5650), ...
5. **** battery life(4 hours compared to OP's Acer with 6)
6. I've seen the same laptop(and better models) for cheaper in Canada(where prices are always higher than in the states).

OP's cousin most likely doesn't want to be playing Crysis 2. Instead she will most likely be using it as a facebook/homework machine so really she needs 1. Portability 2. Battery Life 3. Quality Screen

OP you may also want to consider a Macbook Air($999)(or cheaper if you can get a refurb, Apple's refurbs are brand new pretty much) or an Asus ux** model which is roughly the same price as the MBA

Macbook Air

Asus UX Ultrabook

10-27-2011, 03:03 AM
900 dollars for specs from 2005? Not sure if cereal

10-27-2011, 03:15 AM
It's so ridiculously expensive. There are a couple better options with more powerful specs. in current market. Why not pick up a valuable one?

10-27-2011, 03:38 AM
what's sad is people actually go to walmart and pick up a lap top for that price with those specs T_T

10-27-2011, 10:09 AM
Good suggestions.

Will talk to her soon and let her know whats up.

Will rep after rc.

10-27-2011, 11:20 PM
LOL at the people in here bashing the specs of an ultrabook. Its not mean't to be a powerhouse/gaming laptop.

10-27-2011, 11:30 PM

that being said it will run windows 7/8 good, but for lil more u can get the asus ultra book its a bit better

10-29-2011, 12:11 AM
Lulz ... Told her all the advice ITT and I'm guessing she didnt have enough patience to wait till Black Friday or wanted a new laptop asap.

She went and bought this at Bestbuy - http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/series/category/notebooks/dm4t_series/3/computer_store

Cheaper than all the stuff suggested here and she said she spoke with the tech guys there and this was the best laptop for all her needs at that price point. Good for her I guess.

Thanks guys.