View Full Version : I've watched so much sport in the last 48 hours its ridiculous...

10-23-2011, 05:20 AM
And it continues into today.

On Friday I was watching the recording of the St Louis Cards vs Texas Rangers (Game 2).
Then I watched West Virginia @ Syracuse
Went to bed for a few hours (Remember I live in UK so 5 hours time difference)
Woke up and watched Wolverhampton vs Swansea
Then came Soccer Saturday.
Then dual viewing of North Carolina @ Clemson and Liverpool vs Norwich.
I must admit I chilled out for a while then continued watching Game 3 of the world series, that ended 05:10 this morning, I didn't go to sleep and I watced France vs New Zealand world cup final at 09:00.

It's now 13:15 and I am currently watching England vs India 4th ODI, whilst waiting for the Man Utd vs Man City game to begin.

I will then be watching the Chicago Bear @ Tampa Bay Buccs game, then the Vikes/Pack game and end the night while dual viewing Game 4 of the world series and Colts@ Saints. At the end of it all I will have been awake for 45 hours.

I think this is the biggest sporting weekend I have ever had.