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10-10-2011, 12:59 AM
hi everyone,

I am a newbie in the body building. I have talk to many body builders about their daily routine, nutritions, exercises , meal. I have understand that in building muscles you need to eat more and lift heavy. One thing every body builder use to say is angle. If you are doing exercise and pulling good weight but if your angle is not good you cant build muscle or you will be very slow in building muscle. I search alot about the angle and even ask so many guys what should be the angles for each exercise. Their are mixed suggestions.

Now i am so confused about the exercise. I am doing the body building since last 2 months first months i do general exercises and on the 2nd month i started pulling heavy weight and taking good meals and giving each day for each muscle. But still i am confused that the way i am doing the exercises are the proper way? like am i pulling in a right grip, am i lifting in a right direction?

can anyone help me in telling me how to grip and what are the proper angles for building the muscles.

for biceps barbell i use medium grip and elbows little bit fwd on the same level with the stomach is it right ?

for shoulders back barbell i use machine and wide grip and for front medium grip is it right?

one more thing people say using machine will make cutting and using barbell and dumbell will broaden your body and you will gain mass.

I am from Pakistan here we usually have 38- 42 C temperature. Eating 6 -8 eggs/ day and hot meals is not possilble can anyone suggest me proper daily meal to gain weight and lose fat.

pls anyone who could clear me all this things.


10-10-2011, 02:01 AM
Don't worry about 'angles' - just do the basic compound lifts with good form. Aim for progression (add extra reps or add weight to the bar as often as you can).

If you talk to experienced lifters, they always start talking about minor details which MIGHT affect them but are complete non issues to beginners. Far more important to get the fundamentals right.

You don't need to eat 6-8 times a day and it doesn't have to be hot meals. Eat when it suits you.

You do need to control how many calories and grams of protein you consume though.