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09-06-2011, 07:18 PM
Alright, so I am new to the world of bodybuilding - after years of "working out" I've spent the last year actually cultivating a proper understanding of bodybuilding principles.
In the beginning of this year I was most eager to lose fat, as initially this had been my long time goal (chubby kid). After a lot of hard work, and a lot of learning, I was steadily approaching my goal of 5% body fat (as seen in profile pic). As I approached my goal, however, it quickly became apparent that the look I desired was not going to be a reality; I had rushed into fat loss without making sure that I had a sufficient muscular base to look the way I want. In particular, I am severely short on mass in my upper chest, my entire back is critically weak/small as compared to the rest of my body, and my shoulders are relatively weak as well.

Anyway, lesson learned, I am happy that I now have the skills put away for effective cutting when the time comes. I think, however, that what I really need to do right now is "bulk". Having - as I say - concentrated so heavily on fat loss for a long time, and learning how to achieve it; I know relatively little regarding 'bulking'.

From what I have read in posts on here, and in their associated sources, I gather the best plan of action to be something along the lines of this:

To gain the muscle mass I desire, before - eventually cutting again later - I need to:
- Be more patient
- Intake a caloric surplus (more calories than are required for maintenance)
- Continue to train like a mad man (with adequate rest of course)
- continue cardio, but only to the extent that I maintain a strong cardiovascular system, and not nearly to the extent that I have been for cutting
(Example ... maybe just a few good long runs a week to keep up my cardio... as opposed to the daily 50 minute + cardio I have been doing during cutting)

So, despite the risk of redundancy, I would appreciate any corrections/suggested amendments to my current understanding.

Thanks for your time ladies and gents