View Full Version : Bruce Feldman out @ ESPN

09-02-2011, 04:07 PM
Dont think this has been posted, but Bruce Feldman left ESPN for CBSSports. Not sure if CFB fans have kept up with the "drama" between ESPN and Feldman but months ago, ESPN suspended him for collaborating on a book with Mike Leach, and then put out a press release saying the exact opposite after the uproar from CFB fans. Feldman's one of my favorite analysts and anyone who has kept up with the Craig James/ESPN/Mike Leach/Feldman drama knows that ESPN is truly just a good ole boys network with that huge phaggot Craig James leading the way.


crazy to hear all that sh!t from him. Most people have caught on to ESPN's lack of professional journalism (i.e. What if Mike Vick were white?) but when you hear it from Feldman himself, it really puts things into perspective.