View Full Version : NFL contracts how do they work?

08-30-2011, 11:54 PM
Unaware but wtf?

It seems like the ownership can terminate a players contract, and the player can demand more money in the middle of a contract, threatening to not show up. Whats the deal with these things?

08-31-2011, 12:24 AM
NFL contracts aren't 100% guaranteed. For instance, for Vick's highly touted 100 mill contract, only 40 mill of that money is guaranteed. So if the eagles cut him tomorrow, 40 mill would count against their salary cap for however they distributed that money over the length of his contract. 100 million sounds amazing but those large contracts are typically back loaded and when players are near the end of their deals, they often are either traded, forced to restructure or are cut.

As far as not showing up, players are fined 30k a day for holding out of camp. Players that hold out are basically trying to strong arm the franchise into paying them market value but as long as there are years left on the contract, the team owns their rights. Some teams appease players and trade them but a few have the attitude that if you aren't going to play for me, you aren't playing for anyone. A good portion of hold outs are actually legitimate. Chris Johnson is barely making anything as an elite rb and that position has an extremely short shelf life. If he waits much longer and he's ineffective through an injury or something, it could mean the difference between a fortune and having to live off his past paydays (that are probably already squandered). I rambled a bit but I hope it helped.