View Full Version : Rate My Draft (10 Team Auction, .5 PPR)

08-29-2011, 11:57 AM
QB - Stafford
WR1 - Welker
WR2 - Harvin
WR3 - Britt
RB1 - Rice
RB2 - McFadden
TE - Gates
FLEX - Hightower
DEF - Green Bay
K - none at the moment (will pick one up before the season starts)


QB - Kolb
RB - Stewart
RB - McGahee
WR - Sims-Walker
WR - Steve Smith (CAR)
WR - Mike Thomas
TE - Marcedes Lewis

Before you ask, the only reason I have a backup TE is because I was trying to drive the price up on him and the guy called my bluff haha. I will probably cut him but I would rather trade him, so he remains on my roster for now.

I am a little iffy at WR but Welker is a PPR beast and I think Harvin will breakout as a true #1, Santana Moss had 1,100 yards with McNabb throwing to him last year and no running game. Harvin is better than Moss, and they have Adrian to sell the play action. Britt is a question mark but he's crazy talented, Hasselbeck should be able to get him the ball hopefully.

I think with PPR, I might have the best possible RB combination in Rice and McFadden.

Gates when healthy is basically like a #1 reciever in my TE slot.

I like my depth, think Sims-Walker could have another season like he had in 09 with Bradford throwing to him now. Stewart becomes a fringe top 10 back if Williams goes down. Steve Smith, McGahee, Mike Thomas are all solid depth as well.

Finally, Stafford. I think if he's healthy he will be a 4,000 yard QB. Thats a big question mark. I also have Kolb who I'm not crazy about but I got him for $1 and I think I can play the matchups with him and Stafford, unless 1 of them breaks out and forces me to make them the every week guy.

08-29-2011, 12:25 PM
c'mon bitches, I'll hit you with some measly reps