View Full Version : Meeting Macro's VS. calorie count (Hidden calories ???)

08-11-2011, 08:53 AM
Hey guys, i was just wondering about Macro's and all because although the generalities of carbs and protein have 4 cals per g , and fats have 9 cals per g) ... i find myself meeting my Cut requirements (~2100) calories and being under macro's slightly ... Which is more important ? ie.. if im slightly under the carb count for the day , but ive hit 2100 ... am i better off eating some carbs to hit the macro requirement thus taking me over 2100 calories ? I'll still be in a deficit of course with maintenance of about 2700 - 3000 (depending on some weeks i have less exercise than other weeks so i adjust maintenance accordingly).

I find it a bit confusing because technically my macro's are supposed to be around 165 g protein, 165g carbs, 90g fats which is roughly equates to 2130 cals....
HOWEVER, i find myself hitting 2100 calories before ive even broken 60g fats and 140g carbs , so what the hell is going on ?? I only eat clean foods such as chicken breasts, oatmeal, whey shakes, apples, salad etc.. I count calories based on what the packaging states .. Why is it still going over before ive even hit the macro count ? What should i do ?
Are the calorie counts on the packaging and online insanely innaccurate or what ? Ie chicken breast supposedly has 150 calories in it, with about 23 g protein and 4 g fat. however,
(23g x 4) + (4g x 9)= 128 ... What do i go by ?