View Full Version : 18 years old and wanting to compete in 2 years all natrual

08-05-2011, 12:05 AM
so ive been lifting for about a year now made some serious gains but i want to take it to the extreme with my body i want to compete in about 2 years for all natrual body building. my nutrition is pretty solid not outstanding yet but im going to change that this coming school year when im on a schedule i feel like it will be much easier when im on a routine. so i really want to take this dead serious and ive read all the magazines i can get my hands on and everything i can do. so if i could get any advice or help it would be nice. just from stuff like nutrition, workout programs, excercises that will help alot, good cardio forms, just really anything you think someone will need to persue natrual bodybuilding as a career. thx for any help i get guys!!! here are my stats weight= 183 height= 6.05 dead= 370 squat= 425 bench= 305