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06-08-2011, 11:29 AM
Lets agree that Lebron has the natural tools to be the GOAT but he has the mentality of a bipolar child. He is a mirror of what the media says about him. A man's man can block the media out of his lyfe. A man's man(mj) cuts it all out and just plays the game. Lebron plays the game as a direct result of what the media is saying about him...

So when the media says Lebron is the greatest and possibly might have a 13 inch cawk, Lebron plays like hes got that 13 incher. But when the media says that Lebron is overrated, he plays overrated. He is so directly affected by what people say about him. Thats why he will never be the GOAT because the media is eventually going to ruin his career. Somewhere down the road Lebron is gonna drop all confidence and fold like a little boy due to media pressure.

Hes naturally built to destroy the NBA. But he carries baggage from his youth. Getting everything he wanted when he wanted it. Hes a big brat. Has no mental toughness. Emotionally like a kid. Happy and ecstatic when things are going well and mad pouty and depressed when things dont go oh so well...

Wade is the antiJames. Wade don't give a fuk what nobody say about he. Wade is gonna have his chin up and his facial expressions blank at all times. The dude is a straight shooter. He is the real true alphadog of that team.

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Kobe has the heart and desire to become one of the greatest ever. That is why he is considered a top 8 player, ever.

06-08-2011, 12:00 PM
does Lebron even lift or is it just dem dere black genetics? (srs question))

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does Lebron even lift or is it just dem dere black genetics? (srs question))

are you kidding bro, every pro athelte has a strength/lifting regime its a part of modern sports.

Anyhow, the grind of college ball would have served Lebron well, forcing him to confront whatever mental self esteem issues he's always had. I mean he was being called the 'next thing' back in his junior year of highschool so at 13-14 his ego must have already been through the roof. Then he gets into the NBA and has a team basically given to him to lead, but he's never been through the trenchs or had to face adversity and build up mental fortitude. Whatver happens in these finals, until he can 100% conquer the mental aspect of the game he'll never live up to his potential.

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Maybe he needed College?

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i think dwight howards more athletic

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I'm not so sold on the fact that college would have benefited him - you see a lot of people who are do the one-and-done yet still face the same issues (I won't argue for some it helps - but who is to say it is the actual college experience that helped vs just their personality/own mental toughness that they've always had).

And to add to it SwayWay, now he's moved to a team where he doesn't have to learn to have that 'fortitude' because he knows that Wade can be their to shoulder.. that he isn't the ONLY one relied on right now. It will make it tough to learn the mentality with the position he is currently in, IMO.

Agree with a lot of posts ITT.

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a lot of people have the tools to be the GOAT. The problem is, the mentality to become the GOAT comes only every so often. It's hard to be as passionate as Jordan was. Someone said **** to him, he would do every thing possible to prove you wrong.

Jordan overrated? brb ill make 45+ in a game
Jordan cant do **** double teamed? brb spend 1000+ hours to destroy you next season when you double team me
Jordan cant break this record? brb lemme destroy every record in the book to shut you up

it takes a lot of hard work and will power to do these things. I just dont see Lebron being able to do that

06-08-2011, 12:52 PM
He doesn't have the heart, he has everything else but when it comes down to it he can't yet embrace greatness.

06-08-2011, 12:59 PM
Maybe he needed College?

would have been helpful
had jordan not gone to college, he may have never became G.O.A.T.

06-08-2011, 01:02 PM
would have been helpful
had jordan not gone to college, he may have never became G.O.A.T.

idk about that, he showed he had the determination to win at an early age