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06-02-2011, 06:40 PM
MIAMI -- Pull for Dallas to win these NBA Finals because Miami will get forklifts of rings someday. This might be Dallas' last chance.

Pull for Dallas because it got screwed in the 2006 Finals worse than Bartman. To lose to the same team five years later would be tantamount to basketball waterboarding.

How did they get screwed? They lost fair and sqaure. boo fukking hoo.

Pull for Dallas because Mark Cuban hasn't opened his mouth once.

being humble doesn't win championships

Pull for Dallas because Dirk Nowitzki deserves this title more than anybody else on the floor, more than LeBron James, more than Dwyane Wade.

Fuk plenty of people deserve a ring, doesn't mean they rate one. Whats the fukking point of even having the finals? Might aswell just hand the championship to the team that "deserves" it the most

Pull for Dallas because Nowitzki stayed with his team, never took his talents anywhere but to the damn gym every day.

GTFO, as if lebron doesn't practice and work hard. Him and Wade the first one out on the court on practice + game day

never seen such a phaggot columnist in my life, cant believe this phaggots on the front page of espn

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I wanted to type Okay but I hate Rielly so much that I had to type "I feel you" instead.

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oh okay!