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05-18-2011, 05:45 AM
Need advice/guidance
Hey all,

I am 22 years old and have a bad habit of gaining lots of weight in the fall and losing about 30 lbs in the spring. My genetics say that I should probably be overweight for forever and most likely die of a heart attack pretty young. Here are my stats:

22 years
185 lbs
Neck: 16 "
Waist: 38"
BF%: probably 26%

I say forget genetics and I want to completely change my body. I have been a long distance runner in the past but this spring I gave it up so I could begin building lots of muscle. I have a home gym with a power rack and Olympic bench with every bar possible and 600 lbs of weight. I have been lifting a 5 day split for the past month combined with sprints and light jogging about 30 minutes 5 times a week. I have seen AWESOME results so far but I know I can't start body building now. I am also on a ketogenic diet
Maybe 2000 cals per day spread across five or six meals. My "ketostix" tell me I'm mostly in ketosis at the right times outside of my weekend carb load. My supplements include:

-ON whey pre and post workouts 3 scoops total

-Con-Cret post workouts 1 scoop

-ON casein before bed and as a meal replacement 2 scoops

-Just began oxyelite pro two days ago (in place of taking yohimbe green tea and Carnitine as a fat loss stack)

- (used to take Jack3d pre workout but stopped because I started oxyelite heard it was a bad idea to use both)

I will post most recent pics to my profile. I know I need to drop my bf% quite a bit but I hope to one day start body building after that happpens. Any idea what bf% I should shoot for? How to get there or how to change my workouts? I quit long distance running beyond 30 minutes because I heard i would start to lose muscle mass. Am I even "body-buildable"?

Any advice would help! I would be glad to post any details needed for further help. My body is used to fluctuating between 155 and 200 lbs but it's time to do this the right and set myself up to body build.