View Full Version : 25/Female looking for expert opinion on how to beat a "weight loss plateau", please!

05-14-2011, 02:52 PM

My name is Heidi and I've been running/incline-walking/swimming just about every other day for the past year in pursuit of a weight loss goal of 125lb.

My current stats:

Height - 5'4"
Age - 25 yrs
Ethnicity - Caucasian
Frame Type - Big butt/hips (a good big), small waist, small chest (B)
Current weight - 133lb +/- 1.5lb

Anyways, from last summer of 2010 to february of 2011 I dropped from 138lb to 133lb, and have been stuck at a 133lb plateau. Since the start of this plateau these are my observations:

- My current diet consists of an average of 1800calories/day.
- Burn about 450 calories every other day at the gym (running, walking, or swimming)
- I'm a registered nurse and am on my feet for 4 days/wk 10 hrs/day.
- Every time I drive to my parent's house (5 hrs away) i notice a weight loss of about 2 lbs, without any conscious exercise and eating whatever food i want (cake, mac&cheese, chips, etc).. I do notice I eat more often however.
- When I come home and switch to my normal 3 meals/day diet (of healthier foods), and resume my exercise routine, the 2lb comes back on.
- No weight loss pills or thermogenics.

I'd like to lose another 10lb, which has proven nearly impossible with my current routine. I am willing to do what it takes to change my lifestyle, diet, or workout plan in order to reach my goal AND MAINTAIN A 125lb constant body weight (or lower if possible).

Expert opinions wanted, no crazy diets or supplements desired, I'd like something that is manageable and easy to incorporate.

Thanks! =)

05-14-2011, 03:11 PM
Try lifting weights as a part of your exercise routine. It actually burn more calories in the long run that cardio will. You can try to drop your calories a bit more as well. I roughly figured youmaintenance calories at 2400. So eating 1800 you should be losing weight. Track those calories religiously. Many people underestimate how much that are actually taking in.

05-14-2011, 03:14 PM
Make sure your getting a reasonable amount of protein and fat in your diet.

Basically you need to give yourself a 500 calorie deficit or so (400-700) to lose weight.

You won't lose weight if you are eating too much and sometimes if you are not eating enough. Take your workouts into account when you calculate your maintenance.

No supplements needed.