View Full Version : Shoulder Pain - clear MRI though?

05-05-2011, 11:34 AM
Hi, I've had on and off over the last year a dull throbbing pain which comes from what feels like the ball and socket joint in my shoulder, deep in the centre of my armpit.

The problem always occurs after I carry anything heavy in my hand. For example holding a 20kg dumbbell in my hand for 30 seconds will set it off. If I carry something heavy I don't get the pain straight away, I usually start to develop a dull throbbing pain in my shoulder joint after an hour or two.

The throbbing pain is constant throughout the day. And dies down to pretty much nothing overnight and when I wake up. After about 10 minutes from walking around in the morning the throbbing pain comes back and is constant throughout the day.

Theres nothing that I can do to make the pain any worse or better, for example moving my arm in a different position or stretch.

If I stay away from carrying anything heavy the pain dissapears usually after a week or two.

Does anybody know what this injury could be, and what exercises I could do to help?

When I had the scan typically I didn't have any pain, I was hoping something would show up but it didn't. I have the images of my scan, is there anywhere I could post them for people to help diagnose the problem?

Many Thanks

08-22-2013, 12:49 PM
Hopefully this may help someone.

My problem was my posture, sitting at the computer all day with a forward head position and rounded shoulders.

It caused a trigger point in my neck. I could press on the side of my neck and reproduce the pain in my armit.

I did lots of back exercises and chest stretches.

Problem solved!