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06-04-2003, 05:20 PM
For anyone kind enough to read/respond to this I appreciate it. I am a 16 year old male soon to be 17 in the summer. Let me give you some insight to my life up until this point. All my life Iíve been chubby I was born that way and I was that way up until about the end of my sophmore year when things started to change. I became more active and I grew about.. 2 inches for whatever that accounts for. Last September, fall 2001 I was 178 pounds and still my chubby self things changed around august last summer. I lost about.... 9 pounds... (roughly) to 160 pounds working out and running were the things I was doing when school started (junior and present year). Track came around in the winter and i did that until around... the end of january when i quit because of my weight. i dropped down to 144 lbs at my lowest. i haven't seen that weight since i was like.. In 8th grade.... I didn't look right at all, my face was drawn and my eyes were sunk in. I think it was from the distance I was running (distance runner) and the little I was eating because I didn't have much time to eat that much from track to school work for the rest of the night. I quit track so I could put on some weight and work out for baseball season, thatís my sport. I put up about.. 6 pounds when baseball season started. The season is now over, and Iím 153 pounds. Last week I was roughly 157 pounds for about 2 days for some reason and now Iím back to 153. the reason Iím writing this is because I was hoping for someone to have any ideas for me. Iím working out now and will continue to work out constantly. 4 days a week. I eat like crazy everything and everything. Although Iíve lost strength since the last time I worked out my work out routine will continue as follows. Monday- arms and legs. Tuesday- chest, back, shoulders. Wednesday- off day. Abs work out Thursday- Monday Friday- Tuesday. Iím hoping that with a more constant workout schedule Iíll be able to put on some muscle mass. Does anyone have any suggestions. Iím looking to put on aroundÖ 15 pounds of muscle. To be around. 170-175 pounds of muscle. Not only do I want this, I need this for baseball next year. If anyone has any suggests into protein shakes I should take or certain food or even criticism Iíll be more than enthused to take it. Thanks

06-04-2003, 07:07 PM
You need to educate yourself on the basics of nutrition.

For adding weight, look to consume around 20 x your body weight calories every day. Eat 2g/lb of body weight (for you that's 300g) of protein every day. Split all of this evenly through the day as much as you can. I eat at least 8x a day - protein with every meal.

Best of luck

06-04-2003, 07:09 PM
how about work out routine... i know i have to find something that work for me...but i'm just starting this one and i hope it works