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03-11-2011, 08:58 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm an avid reader of these forums, and have just read through about 20 pages of posts looking for a similar question. Couldn't find one, so here's what I'm pondering.

I'm 21 Days out from my competition, I'm sitting at about 162lbs, and am on my way to get to 154.5lbs (Its quite easy for my body to lose weight, so I'm not too worried here).

The week of the competition (comp = Saturday), what are your diets looking like. From everything I have been told, and everything I have read, I was going to carb deplete from Sun-Wed while hitting everything except legs in the gym. Keeping my water intake high. Then on Thur and Friday, carb up and start to cut back on water (which after reading here, I hear the dehydrating is now a bad idea).

So how does my plan sound?

Also, the day of the competition, I'll be going in with my tan already sprayed on the night before, and the company doing the tan said they do a "complimentary glazing", does this mean I do not need to worry about posing oils, etc.? I am also wondering what it's like backstage, and if there will be hardware there to use to pump up.

Thank you all for your replies, and the wealth of knowledge this forum has built. I don't have many pre-contest pics, but here's one of my back that I took with my crappy webcam.

(Also, any other tips for a first-timer would be amazing)

Thank you again!

03-11-2011, 09:09 AM
Post more pictures, IMO you look behind schedule for three weeks out, especially concidering you want lose 7.5 pounds.

03-11-2011, 09:13 AM
the carb depletion/load is on you. there are many schools of thought on that subject so I won't attempt to convince you to try anything in particular. however, i will say, by this point in the cut you are already depleted. that's just what happens when you diet for a long time. so, i would caution you about depleting too much if you're back loading. keep everything in moderation. large carb manipulations could marginally enhance your appearance or drastically detract from it. lot of risk for a marginal reward.

as far as water, i would recommend you keep it constant all the way to show day, then drink in moderation (when thirsty) on the day of the show...cutting it out about an hour before the stage (so you don't have to pee).

spray tans suck imo...but i've had a bad experience so i'm very biased haha