View Full Version : a little stuck...suggestions please!

02-25-2011, 11:23 PM
After reading for hours i still dont know what to do really. i am an ectomorph (i think) the site said i was a ecto/meso if i recall. weighing 130 being 5'9. I just want to gain in all areas of my body as well as visibly see my abs more as they were the highest part of my bf at 8%. my overall was 6%. I just started eating really good (i think) and can provide some meals if neccessary. I havent been counting calories or anything like that either. I also play college soccer so I will be running insane amounts starting in about 4 weeks to get ready for the next season. I also cannot take many supplements due to NCAA drug testing so i have been sticking to protein and a glycogen replacer. Ideas on the ab situation? i can provide pics as well hopefully for more help as to what workout plan i should be doing. I am currently going at one body part one time a week with no cardio seeing as i didn't do anything the past 4 months and my BF was still 6 haha.