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02-18-2011, 11:33 AM

A Pittsburgh Pirates fan is suing the Atlanta Braves because the baseball club's security officers and ushers allegedly ignored complaints about six rowdy fans who later attacked the Macon man, knocking out 11 teeth, breaking his jaw and leaving him in a pool of blood outside a Turner Field restroom.


According to the suit, Collins, his 11-year-old nephew and a friend, Andrew Coggins, went to the April 2, 2008, Braves game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Collins was wearing a black Pirates ball cap.

Around the third inning, six young men sat in seats in the row in front of Collins in section 217. Collins, his nephew, Coggins, and two friends of Coggins had seats on the ninth row.

“These six young men were visibly intoxicated when they arrived and they continued to consume alcohol throughout the remainder of the game,” the suit said. “Throughout the baseball game, these six young men were rowdy, boisterous and verbally abusive to [Collins], including the use of a racial slur.”

According to the police report of the incident, the six men were dancing and and their images were show on the "JumboTron" in the outfield.

There have been no criminal charges filed in the case. Hawk said police have not responded to calls.

Collins said in the suit that he and the rest of his party ignored the men and at one point Collins moved a few seats down the row because the six were blocking his view and were loud while he was “charting” both teams’ pitches.

Twice he complained to ushers and security staff . The first time was when an usher came to Collins and his party to follow up on a complaint from someone else about foul language, and Collins said it was the men in the row in front of them.

The suit said the second time he complained it was to two ushers and two security officers. He was told “his only recourse was to file a written complaint at another concourse across the stadium.”

Instead, Collins and his friends decided to leave in the eighth inning after they stopped by the restroom.

Collins said he encountered the six men outside the restroom and one of them flipped a cigarette butt. He said he looked down when the butt hit his chest and when he looked up he was “immediately and violently struck in the mouth and knocked to the ground.”

The one punch knocked out his teeth and knocked him unconscious, according to the suit.

Don't even remember hearing about this 3 years ago. Thanks Braves fans, now we're as bad as the Phillies.

02-18-2011, 11:42 AM
damn. the pirates are bad enough, give the guy a break. thats just classless