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01-27-2011, 08:30 PM
On September 15th i weighed in at 375lbs and as of today I'm down to 310. Ive gained about 9lbs of muscle in the process.

I workout everyday around 5:30am. I do about an hour of cardio (eliptical,crosstrainer,treadmill) and do 5-5.5 miles in 60min.

from there I do 25-35 of weights (Upper body one day lower body next day) and 15min of Bosu ball activities (plank,squats,etc).

I'm eating fairly clean and my caloric intake is about 1000-1250 calories a day. I burn about 1500 calories in the gym each day so i have a nominal deficit each day.

The past 2 weeks I have maintained the same weight but have made some dramatic increases in strength.

I'm happy with my arms and legs, my chest is starting to look like a chest and again, but my stomach is taking FOREVER to wilt away. Ive lost about 12-14" off my waist. I feel great, but I want more, and I feel i have nothing to show for the past two weeks.

I'm happy with my caloric intake. I'm never hungry, always satisfied, and I eat small all day. I don't miss the unhealthy choices. I gave up alcohol completely back in Sept.

I have read a few things that make sense, yet I'm unsure about.

1. Don't do crunches until I lose the belly fat. No point in creating a layer of muscle around a layer of fat.

2. Working out longer for an hour at a time does not promote weight loss.

I'm 5'10, and definitely have the endomorph frame.

I take a multivitamin every morning. I drink 120-150oz of water a day. No soda, no coffee. Nothing with caffeine, or carbonated. No sports drinks, nothing with sugar. I do Muscle Milk light, eggs, Morningstar farms sausage, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower, organic chicken, V8, string cheese, lean beef jerky,dried prunes,almonds. ***e 0% (Greek yogurt). Basically a high-lean protein, low carb diet. I like it actually (I'm a sadist I guess).

I want to get down to 260, so thats another 50lbs. I played Rugby and Football at 260, and was a great athlete. I'll be 32 in April.

I have access to a local chain gym, and can work out at Division 1 College facility a few times a week. I have friends who are S&C coaches,so I get some info from them. The trainers at my gym are all selling the same package, and I watch the people who they train and have seen minimal results. To be honest, I copied their workouts for a few weeks until i did better on my own. (Nothing against trainers, just don't think much about the ones at my gym.)

Any suggestions on how to get there from where I'm out now? Workouts, cardio advice, overall training advice? I won't take any other supplements outside of the Daily Multivitamin.

Thanks for reading and for any advice or tips you can give me!