View Full Version : Help with my army fitness diet

01-23-2011, 11:59 AM
I am starting a 6 week training programme to get fit for the fitness test to join the army. I have never paid much attention to nutrition and so need help.

I will be doing exercises such as 15mile hikes,
4 mile jogs
timed miles etc

and lots of sit ups / press ups / chinups along with upper body and core strength training

so i suppose what i am looking for is a diet that will keep my energy up and help with general fitness but i cant afford anything too expensive as i work part time

possibly useful stats:

6ft 2 tall,
weigh 104 kg,
15% bf

if it makes a difference, the bulk of my training will be in the morning and i have a 2kg tub of whey protein

thanks for your time reading this and hopefully somebody can help