View Full Version : From BULK To LEAN?...Please Help!

01-16-2011, 07:26 PM

I signed up for here because i need some serious confirmation or advice

I am a girl, I'm 5"4 ..stalky and solid...I weigh 230lbs...I look more 190. I know I am "over" the weight I need to be..because I have excess & unnecessary fat...so I know I need to lose weight...but I'm so muscular that I sometimes doubt weight training is doing me any good

3 years ago i lost 90lbs VERY FAST as a result of cycling a lot, fat burners etc...only after I lost the "weight" I start weight training and it made me really toned.....I gained all the weight back though and more because I discontinued working out as much and also because my method the 1st time wasn't "real" and easily sustainable.

Currently I am doing this:

No fat burners (can't take them anymore and don't want to)...I go to the gym and do interval training. If I do arms I skip in between sets or do jumping jacks. If I do legs I go from one exercise of legs to the other so I'm tiring our my quads, hams etc...I also focus on compound exercises

Nutrition: I eat every 3 hours, I aim for high protein as I get VERY hungry and won't be able to handle eating small ..I eat a pork chop with sugar snap pea's or lima beans...I definitely try to control my portion and I eat until I'm not full...I eat until I'm satisfied...I drink lot's of water etc too....

over all this is going on for a month now...I feel good...and I feel more solid hahaha...but...I'm wondering if this is a good way to become lean....I don't want to look so bulky...when I lost the weight the 1st time (even if it didn't last or was the correct way) I was a size 6 or 7...so I know I can be thin etc...I just need to know if what I'm doing will get me there ...

any tips would be appreciated....at my thinnest I was 150 on the scale so ideally I would like to be 150 or 160 at the most...I know I can do this! I just need someone better, faster, wiser to confirm my work outs & eating habits

I've been "fat" since 13...I know I can transform my body I believe it!...I just need some advice please

thank you for reading..bla bla bla :)