View Full Version : Push It!

01-09-2011, 12:46 PM
Title was from the song that was on, I was feeling pretty uncreative!

Ehm, where to start? Some people on the forum might recognise me, I was active on here last year and thing things went a bit pear shaped, like my body! Still waiting for the prev profile to be deleted by BB.com staff as I had to give it up after some of my students found it.


I'm back on the forum and back at the gym after a few months off - uni and work got the better of me :( Was a bit shocked as I had a flu like virus for most of Dec, and coupled with not training, and so when I restarted at the gym I was soo weak! Hoping to rectify that over the next month! I found this forum really supportive and motivational last time and hoping for something similar - the Hogmanay pictures have really given me a kick up the lardy arse to get back on it!

So yeah, hi!