View Full Version : Problems with my internet connection(reps for help)

11-26-2010, 10:40 PM
This has been going for a couple years now guys. So pretty much my internet connection is ****ed. For example, 75% of the time I type in facebook and click enter to go to the page, it loads for a while and then says 'server not found, etc...'. So usually I have to refresh a couple times before I get to where I want. It happens with most of the other websites I go to also. It also happens with pictures, sometimes they load and sometimes they dont. Ill have to keep refreshing until they appear. Not only that, when Im watching those 'special videos' everything seems alright but then after 10 or 15 mins, the connections slows all the way down and its impossible to load anything regardless of the website. The connection always returns to normal after 20 mins or so though.

Any help on why my connection is like this and it always times out? I know its not my router because it always works. In fact, I was at my aunties house and I used my iphone to browse the web on wifi and the pages loaded up extremely quickly, even youtube. When Im at home, it takes a while from the phone, sometimes I also get error messages.

The router I have is a Belkin model that is draft n. Our modem died on us a couple years back so idk if its whats causing the problem, we bought a new one.


If you guys cant, you mind pointing me a good forum that can?