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01-31-2007, 12:28 PM
Why arenít I losing weight? Please scroll down to view cardio and strength training regiment.

History: Male 5í10Ē, currently at 165lbs, age 36

Food log

Start 7/12/06 188 lbs, intake 2067 cal/day (75 days of data), 41.92% P, 41.5% C, 17.73% F
10/4/06 176 lbs, intake 1934 cal/day (76 days of data), 42.79% P, 37.8% C, 19.41% F
1/3/07 165 lbs, intake 1843 cal/day (27 days of data), 42.88% P, 37.01%C, 20.11% F
36g fiber/day, 10g sat. fat/day, 344 cholesterol/day, 122 oz water/day, 23g sugar/day

I have stopped losing weigh during my last diet modification but given the volume of physical activity I am loath to reduce calories again as I am afraid that my body is holding onto its fat to protect itself.
Also I have started taking creatine again so that might explain some of the plateau.

I am very regimented about what I eat during the day, but dinner is always a crapshoot as I have to please not only myself but my wife as well.

Breakfast 7am, Protein powder, fiber one, glutaimine powder, fish oil caps.
48g protein, 28 carbs, 6 fat, 358 cal, 14g fiber
Brunch 10am, 6 oz foster farms chicken stips, 2.8 oz potato
48g protein, 17g carbs, 4.5g fat, 273 cal. 2 g fiber
Lunch 1pm Meal replacement
38g protein, 19g carbs, 3g fat, 255 cal, 3g fiber

Workout1 3:15pm, Cardio

Dinner 5:30-6pm,

Workout2 7pm, Resistance training

PWO: depending on what I ate for dinner I try to eat the balance of my protein for the day along with some berries for flavor. Currently do not spend the 60g of high GI carbs like I should be as I try to reward myself with some snack during down time. Mostly my snacks are baked potatio chips, soy chips or healthy choice fudge bar.

I realize that although my diet is relatively balanced my timing could use a lot of work. I have tried to do my Cardio in the morning but lack the discipline. I cannot alter the time of my resistance training because I have to accommodate my wife. On the days that I know she will not be working out I do resistance at 3:15 pm followed by cardio.

I realize that without getting an accurate body fat test the scale is a poor indicator of progress. I do know that I have had to buy a new wardrobe and currently fit 32Ē jeans down from 38-40. I just donít want my body to eat muscle due to calorie restrictions.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Supplement Info:
Univeral Animal Paks
Universal Animal Pump
Univeral Animal Cuts (just finishing first cycle)
Fish oil
Glutamine powder
Protein powder
Goliath labs Tribuloid (??) testosterone booster

Old post

Hey all, (and thanks in advance)

Well in about a week I will hit my 7 month mark with resistance training along with a new diet regiment.

I will post my questions first and if people want to get into the minutia of my regiment they can scroll down.

Q1. How does the diet look?
Q2. Any tips on the exercise section?

Vital Stats: 36 yo Male, 5í10Ē. 162lbs.

Current Diet: Last 77 days have averaged 1950 cal, with a near perfect 40%p, 40%c, 20f.
My goal is fat loss first while protecting as much muscle mass as possible.

History: After topping out at 215lbs my wife and I started up with cardio at the local goldís. The elliptical trainer was my first and only love. After about 2 yrs I got down to about 175 lbs and then rocketed up to 188.. I knew that cardio alone wasnít gonna get me to my goals.

I read up, mostly from the Body for Life book/website, and from BB.com. I needed to supplement to get enough protein and kept a food log. I dropped weight slowly, well within the 2 lbs/week guideline, and lost about 26 lbs. Carbs are my weakness and the least clean portion of my diet but I still manage to keep within my 40/40/20 split most days.


Cardio: I aim for 5 days a week, m-f. I used to go for 40min/5 cooldown. Lately throwing in 35 min of interval training (when I can muster the energy) with a 5 min cooldown. Most of my cardio is at a high intensity, above 80% of max hr. I have been doing cardio seriously for about 30months so I am not a complete newb but no doubt so complacency has crept into my routine. Update: I donít know if my machine is accurate but it says that I burn roughtly 375 cal per workout. I develop 180 watts for my slow and steady workout, 250 watts are developed during the hard section of my interval training.

Resistance: What really kicked off my whole exercise/diet craziness (at least that is what mom says) was the purchase of a home gym. I quickly added a cage and Olympic set to supplement the nautilusís weaknesses. Still without an adjustable dumbbell set.

For the first two months or so I followed a routine outlined in a Menís Health book: The body you want in the time you have. It was a pretty basic 2 day split, A,B,restA,B,Rest etc. After adding more sets and reps based on what I learned on Bodybuilding.com what was once a 60 min workout would often run over 2hrs. Throw on another 45min of cardio most days and I was quickly dreading my workouts. As a result I would cheat.

Recently I broke up my resistance training into a 3 day split. ABCABCABC, no days off. Still takes me over an hr and ab work adds another 15 min or so.
Unless otherwise mentioned I do 4 sets of 12 per exercise, 60 seconds of rest.

Day 1. Chest/tricep:
Flat bench: This is the sole exercise that I am actually getting weaker. I am off about 30 lbs, down from 205lbs. Overtraining or diet is causing me to become weaker.
Incline Bench
Decline Bench
Cable flys
Seated tricep extension
Tricep pushdown
Laying tricep extension.

Day 2 Legs
Squats: I use a pyramid for these. Sets 1-4 on escalating weigh, sets 5-7 get lighter. Do one set to warm-up too.
Calf raises

Day 3: arms/back
Seated shoulder press
Dumbbell lateral Rise
Upright row
Shoulder shrugs
Bent over row
Lat pull down
Dumbbell bent over raise
Bicep curls
Reverse curl
Wrist curl
Wrist extension

Abs: do routine most days
120 ball crunches with a light dumbbell.
4 sets of 20 crunches

I want to lean out before going on a bulk. I realize that weigh is just a number and my personal measure of success will be my still flabby stomach. Until I can see abs I will continue to be on a cut. If I get below 155 lbs I will probably do a fat test to make sure I donít go too low.

I workout with my 105lb wife, so I wonít be lifting super heavy and aim for exhaustion rather than failure on all my free-weight work. So far injury free aside from my lower back that becomes very sore after my leg/back day.