View Full Version : MHP DARK RAGE STICK, Probolic vanilla review

11-05-2010, 01:44 PM
First would like to thanks mhp dave for letting me test this out.
Dark rage has always been my fav pre workout and without carbs i was curious to see how the pumps would be effected.

Well anyway
DArk rage stick
taste-6/10-I did not like the taste to this to much, not terrible not great
Energy-WOW 10/10 for sure crazy amount of energy with this product and rushing energy which i liked
Pumps-10/10 very good as always prob the best out there

OVerall i give it a 9/10 this is a great product i really enjoyed the training sessions while on it.

The Probolic Vanilla
Taste was really bad. I had to mix it with other proteins, this has to be fixed, idk if I got a bad batch but this sucked.
Overall MHP dark rage seems to be best product on the line