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10-22-2010, 12:59 PM
Hey everyone, I just wanted to write out how my first week went with Prime. So I had been skeptical on how these two ingredients can support such crazy claims USP puts out. After I made the purchase I put in some more research and found some and 90% of them say they do absolutley nothing. But since USP has these crazy claims I thought I'd give it a shot.

There are two different directions on the bottle, one is the 6 a day one day off and one is stated as the "hardcore dosing" lol which was 9 a day, 3 pills 30 minutes before workout, and no days off. I chose the hardcore dosing :P decided to go all out on this.

Im currently on a clean bulk, eating 300-400 above maintanence in the cleanest possible fashion.

Day 1 to Day 4 wasn't anything special. Day 5 I noticed my skin was a bit more oily and some acne on my arms that I have never ever gotten before.

Day 5 I had the craziest Arm workout I have had to date. I saw new viens mapping out on my forearms I had never seen before, along with veins thate came out on my shoulder and bicep for the first time in my life :D This kinda got me happy.

Day 6: Again another amazing workout, (Shoulder day) Broke some new PR's here that I had been stuck on for a month now -_-. But unfortunetly N.O.xplode ruined my workout towards the end. It was my first time taking it and lets just say I was in and out of the bathroom every 20 minutes lol... NOT FUN

Day 7: Chest day: Broke a PR for bench by 10lbs...

So far Ive been happy and kinda excited too see what week 2 brings.

I personaly don't care if this is a placebo effect either as long as its working, don't care if its all in the head as long as im getting results :D (Ive also gone up a steady 2lbs, Not sure what that is)