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10-15-2010, 01:38 AM
Just started this 2 weeks ago and thought I would log it. My goals with this are to lose any fat around my stomach and all over to show more muscle. After taking oxy elite pro, i will be moving onto jack3d and i will log that as well. So I weighed myself before I started taking it and I was 157. 2 weeks has passed and I am 154. I will start doing Pictures weekly from now on and I just took some and I have one in my phone from before i started taking it. I really want to just lose my fat and then bulk up on lean muscle with a six pack and bigger chest and all. So I take two OEP in the morning when I wake up and then one OEP after work which is usually a 6-8 hour shift and I work like 30 min after I wake up. I havent done much cardio. I have only ran 3 times since I started taking it and it was for 20 min each time and i ran 3 miles in 20 min. Now I am going to be doing cardio every day for 30 minutes for the next week then the week after I will bump it to 36 min. So here is what my OEP workouts will look like

WEEK 1: Passed already but did cardio once and regular lifting
WEEK 2: Passed already but did cardio twice and regular lifting
WEEK 3: Which I am starting today since it's midnight, I will be running for 30 minutes a day the next 7 days and regular lifting.
WEEK 4: 36 minutes of cardio a day and gunna do more reps and less weight in areas I need to be more toned in.

My weight lifting looks like this:
Day 1 Chest/Shoulder/Tri
Day 2 Back/Bicep/Abs
Day 3 Legs
Day 4 Bicep/Tri/Abs
Day 5 Rest

Give me your feedback.
from now on i will b using the same camera and lighting and same poses every week so the pics are comparable on a weekly basis