View Full Version : Fist time low carb advice needed!

10-12-2010, 04:28 AM
Hi there,

I'm looking to drop some fat and would like some simple advice from those of you in the know if possible.

A quick background, I have always been skinny and done a lot of cardio based sports and my BF% didn't get over 15% my whole life. Last year I badly broke my ankle playing soccer and was off my feet for 4 months and sport is no longer an option for me.

I took to lifting weights to keep busy and with some good advice from my friend who is a personal trainer and put on around 18lbs of muscle, unfortunately my bulking was not very clean and with all the time sat on my ass with the ankle I have gone up to around 25% BF which is new and awful territory for me.

So for now I am happy enough with my muscle mass and looking to cut my BF to around 12 to 10%. With some rough calculations I need to drop around 18/20lbs of fat.

After reading many of the excellent articles and transformations on here I have deceided I want to go the low carb route and am looking for some basic guidance for my situation/goals.

I want to keep training with weights 5 times per week but I am limited on cardio due to my ankle.

If I could get some advice on the following points it would be much appreciated.

I currently weigh 165lbs & am 173cm (5'8")tall

1)How many carbs per day to drop fat but be able to regulary hit the weights hard?
2)What time of the day should I consume the carbs on training days?
3)Should I alter my weight training programme to suit? (curently heavy as possible in the 8 rep max range)?

Any advice for a noobie is much appreciated.