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10-07-2010, 01:14 PM
I have a question regarding the appnut stack:

First, about me, i'm 235lb, been training for 9yr. I am looking to gain mass/strength on this stack, saw great things in the past with drive/rpm, and will now be trying the following:

drive (2x240pill)
Rpm (2x240pill)
black cats (2 bottles)
HghUP (2 bottles)
FreeTest (2 bottles)

could a appnut rep please let me know how I should stack this? My thoughts are:

4 drive in the am with freetest, 3drive/3rpm/2blk cat pre workout, neovar postworkout with shake, hghup prebed on empty stomach

i'm not sure if more rpm are recommended later in the day or if something should be changed. I may keep a log going on this, haven't decided if i have the time to yet.

Thank you for your help!

10-07-2010, 01:36 PM
That should work just fine, but a couple things-

The Neovar should be dosed twice a day with your highest carb meals. I take mine with my preworkout meal and my post, so think about that when you're planning.

You and I are very close in weight and 2 RPM + 1 Black Cat is plenty for me preworkout, so I'd start the dosage there and assess whether you need more.

Remember to dose the HGHup and Drive on an empty stomach for best results.