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09-29-2010, 02:19 PM
BRB Starting Warrior Diet

Can anyone post their current or past progresses of The Warrior Diet for me please? I just started today and I am trying to get an idea of what I'm in for.

My goal: 20 pounds before I ship out to basic in the Military. I have 3 pounds to lose to make WEIGHT, 20 to make ME. (Actually starting today and already working out I'm at weight now. So now we're looking at 17 pounds. But that's besides the point!)

Any feedback is willingly accepted. Just PLEASE DO NOT TROLL THIS WITH NEGATIVITY. I've already read all of that junk in other Warrior Diet threads. I only want all of the positiveness in one thread, that's all.

I'm looking for some ideas of meals, and instances of when and how people eat. And what their daily schedule is like. And if they do cheat, what do they do?

If your progress with this diet failed, please post that as well, I do not see that as negativity. It's information to add to my head still. If you're going to troll about how bad it is because it goes against everything you believe and you've never tried it, GTFO.

My understanding of the diet so far is (if followed strictly): drink nothing but water and black coffee during the day, do work in the gym, run hard, eat a healthy horse before bed, then sleep like a baby. Repeat.

The way I've also seen it portrayed as is drink what you want calorie free and eat whatever you want (6 pizzas) before bed, etc.
I'm obviously following the first option.

Looking for some bromantic help.