View Full Version : Start Knowshon Moreno week one?

09-06-2010, 12:53 PM
Moreno hasn't played in pre-season due to injury. Supposedly he's back and will start opening day. Think he'll be rusty? I already have Steven Jackson and Ahmad Bradshaw starting so Moreno is lined up in my swing WR/RB slot. Replacement options I could use are Johnny Knox, Mike Wallace, Reggie Bush, and Hightower. Knox might have a good game week one against Detroit.


09-06-2010, 03:29 PM
I'd keep an eye on the situation, if they say he's ready to go then I'd probably put him in. I have him on one team and plan on starting him if he plays. Oddly enough, I have Hightower on that team too. If you're in a PPR I'd def. start Hightower if he doesn't go. Going against the Stl. defense should be fairly profitable for him, especially if he's still getting the goal line touches.

NOTE - Yahoo just updated this "RB Knowshon Moreno might start, but the Broncos don't know what they'll get from him this week. Morenoreturned to practice for the first time last Tuesday and while he suited up and went through warm-ups in Minnesota, he wasn't ready to play. "We feel he's close," coach Josh McDaniels said. Moreno called himself about 80 percent healed when he returned to the practice field and can only say he was hopeful he'd be ready for Jacksonville. "I think I'll be over it," he said. "At the same time, you never know with a hamstring."

Given that new news I'll probably personally roll with Hightower vs. Stl. If you're really high on Knox, I could understand rolling with him. I'm just too unclear right now on how Cutler will fare in the new offense and how each receiver will be featured. But the potential for a lot of points in that game is apparent, I'm just afraid Knox could be boom or bust.