View Full Version : There's an app for that -Firearm Apps a review

08-21-2010, 12:06 AM
I got an iPad and I have been looking for Firearms related apps. One thing that sucks is there isn't any help on some of these.

Here are some of my favorites:

Gun Concealment - A one stop place for all you want to know about the Conceal Carry laws of the states. It's fun to actually chose states and see what their laws. The FAQ and Restrictions parts are my favorite. This is a must have

Gun DisasmHD - A 3-D rotational interactive firearm disassembly program. Only 7 now, but oh so much fun to play with.

Ballistics - Paid a lot of money for this and I am still trying to figure this out. If anybody knows how this works, let me know.

Army Sniper - Just a manual

iStrelock - need more work

Winchester Ballistics - At least it is free

MobileArms - Good info on Glocks

i-gun-lite WTF? Apparently there are several similarly sounding named apps. Didn't like any of them

Worldgunsru An ok firearm reference